Saturday, May 12, 2007

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I know it's been awhile since I've done one of these, but I love this site so much I just had to share. Bookmooch is my new favorite way to swap books, and it is absolutely amazing! Get ready to trade your old, used, and neglected books for books you haven't read. And best of all, the service is absolutely, 100%, totally and completely FREE! Here's how it works:

1. Go to and sign up for an account.
2. List any books you have lying around that you've read and/or ready to get rid of. (You recieve 1/10 of a point for every book you list.)
3. Get points when another member requests one of your books. (You do have to pay postage to send out the book.)
4. Use your points to request the books you want from other members. (When you mark the book recieved, you get another 1/10 of a point.)
5. Repeat and enjoy!

For example, here's a small amount of what I currently have listed to give away right now:

Swap your books at

Since there are a LOT of trading sites popping up nowadays, let me explain exactly why I love Bookmooch so much.

1. Points are very easy to get- You get points for requests, and fractions of points every time you list a book to giveaway or mark a book recieved. Potentially you could get tons of free points without having any of your books requested. This is a great feature to get points when a book on your wishlist has been listed and you're out of points.

2. Wishlist options- You can list books you want on your wishlist, and Bookmooch will send you an email when that book is listed in the system. These are first-come, first-serve though, so make sure you request the book you want right away!

3. Selection- I was (and still am) a member of for a year before joining Bookmooch, and I've used Bookmooch 10 times more often. They have many more books that I'm looking for, and my books get requested much faster too. Which is great for me, so I can go order more books. :-)

Just look at the neat stuff I've gotten recently from other Bookmooch members:

Get a book from

4. Save-for-later list- If a book you want is available, but you don't have any points, you can save it on this list so you'll remember to request it later.

5. Member status and feedback- Each member's profile shows when they were last logged into Bookmooch, so you can see how fast you're likely to get your books. Plus a feedback system allows you to check their trading history before you request books.

6. Condition notes- Most books have condition notes so you know exactly what condition it is in before you get the book.

7. ARCs- Unlike most trading sites, Bookmooch allows you the option of listing ARCs, which means when you're done with those excellent books, someone else can enjoy them. I've also gotten tons of books before they were released to the public this way, which is always a perk!

So I still haven't convinced you that this site is great, you should go check it out for yourself. And if anyone decides to join, leave me a comment or send me an email. I'd love to add you to my Bookmooch Friends list. :-)

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