Saturday, August 04, 2007

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

I finally got my last prize package from Simon and Schuster in today's mail, so now I know what the prizes will be for the Summer Writing Challenge. Yay! I just love prizes!

Here's where they stand right now, but, you know, no one's signed up yet. Visit the first post for details on how to do so. Did I mention you can email me your entry too? Remember, if no one signs up, I can't give away these awesome prizes:

1st Place- 1 $10.00 Gift Certificate
2 picks from our Prize Box
1 Strawberry and Champange Massage Candle (great for reading in the bathtub!)

2nd Place- 1 $5.00 Gift Certificate
1 Pick from our Prize Box

3rd Place- 1 Pick from our Prize Box

Wondering what the Prize Box is? It's all the books I have just waiting to go home with a contest winner. You can click here to see what's currently available. Follow the links to for more information about each book. There's some great stuff in there, including a few fairytale-inspired titles. 1st place will get first pick from the box, 2nd place gets second pick, and 3rd place gets third pick.

PLUS- The deadline has been extended! I stupidly stuck the deadline smack in the middle of my annual move back to school, so I obviously won't be doing much posting. :-) Now your entry must be in by September 21st, and judging will commense afterwards.

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