Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fall Reading Challenge 2007: Wrap-Up

So it’s that time again. Yes, I know I didn’t manage to post any follow-ups during the process this time around, but I think it’s still good to reflect. So here we go.

I managed to read a good chunk (6 out of 11, more than half) of my list this time around. Here’s my original list with the ones I finished in bold:

Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)
Wicked Dead: Lurker
Don't Know Where, Don't Know When (The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 1)
The Upper Class
The Magic Medallion (Cynthia's Attic) (Cynthia's Attic) Guide to Disney's Haunted Mansion
My Alien Penfriend
Kung Fu Klutz And Karate Cool 1 (Manga Chapters)
Toaster Pond
The Walton Street Tycoons
Sisters of Isis: The Summoning (Sisters of Isis #1)

Of course, I managed to get a few other books read as well. But most of them were not read by choice. I have that one thing in my life… what is it called… oh yeah, college. :-) I thought I would have a lot more time for reading that ended up never coming about. And, as always, I’m way behind on reviews. I plan to post more as soon as I get the reading for the Cybils out of the way.

I don’t really think there was a favorite book I read this time around. They were all fairly good, but none of them were to-die-for good. I did like the Sisters of Isis book, which is the new series by Lynne Ewing. I am so sad her Daughters of the Moon is finally over, but glad that the new series is good too (just not as good…)

Still, I’m glad I participated this time. I love these challenges, even if I don’t necessarily finish all the time. It simply an opportunity for me to, well, challenge myself. And it’s not a big deal if I don’t finish. I love having goals to work towards, and it’s always a fun deal for that.

Overall, I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on. At last count my library has grown to 455 cataloged books (emphasis on cataloged, because I still have a lot floating around that aren’t) and a fair amount of them have not been read. Just too little time to read! I can’t wait until I can have more time to do so, although that is probably many long years coming.


The Cuisine Queens said...

Hi, Alyssa:
I'm still holding my breath, hoping you will read my book, Don't Know Where, Don't Know When. Do you accept bribes? :-)
Seriously, I was so pleased you still had it on your to-do list for the fall, and I can only hope it doesn't move to the slush pile. Maybe I should threaten to hold my breath under I turn blue and fall off my perch, just like Monty Python's parrot. Oh, no, wait, it was nailed there, wasn't it? Never mind. :-)

Alyssa said...

Don't worry, I definately still planning to read it. I just got so behind with school reading this semester. :-P

After the Cybils are over (Jan 7) it's next on my list. Promise!

The Cuisine Queens said...

As a college professor, I am shocked, yes, SHOCKED that you would fall behind on your reading. That never happens to me, of course. Oo, no, nope. I is a professional. :-)
Have a good holiday, and sorry to cause more stress: Many writers are deeply insecure and irritating people. Of course, I am *not* one of those, either. No, indeedy.

Alyssa said...

Heehee! I certainly know that about writers. I dabble myself... :-)

And don't worry. It hasn't added to my stress at all. This week has been so stress-free (finals over) that I'm starting to get cocky!