Sunday, March 02, 2008

Many Many Updates

Whew! It’s been a busy weekend. I had another hour 6 Genetics test this weekend, in addition to all my other homework… *sigh*

But there is good news! I had enough time to update all the lists that keep track of what I do on this blog. This was done in anticipation of whole slew of new posts I hope to be posting soon. So now you can see the updated review list, book lists list (awkward name, I know), poetry list, and the progress I’ve made on both the 888 Challenge and the A to Z Challenge.

I know I promised you a post about my meeting with Brandon Mull on Wednesday, and it is coming, I promise. Right after I slog through the rest of my homework pile… I’m still writing the post up, but as soon as I have it written I will post it.

And speaking of Brandon Mull, you should check out Teens Read Too’s March contest from Shadow Mountain. They are picking fifty (50) winners this month, and one of the prizes is the first two books in the Fablehaven series. Very cool!

Until my homework dragon is defeated… Happy Reading!

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