Monday, January 05, 2009

Contest Monday: Win a copy of The Girls

Welcome to another Contest Monday! Today's prize is a free ARC paperback copy of Tucker Shaw's new novel The Girls.

About the book (from "Meet Mary: She’s beautiful, and her ski-star boyfriend is cheating on her.

Meet Crystal: She’s a townie, and she’s cheating with Mary’s boyfriend.

Meet Sylvia: She’s nasty, and she’s got something up her Prada-designed sleeve.

Meet Amber: She’s a flake, she’s the barista at the hottest coffee shop in Aspen, and she serves up gossip even hotter than grande skim lattes.

Meet Peggy: She’s Mary’s best friend, and she has no idea how to cope with all these girls.

A modern retelling of the classic play The Women (which featured not one male in the cast), The Girls is a quick-witted, stylish comedy about friendship, love, and most important, gossip! An elite Aspen prep school sets the stage for jealousy and intrigue as the lives of many girls tangle into a wickedly fun mess (in which no boys ever appear)."

How to enter: Send an email to shadyglade (AT) mail (DOT) com with the subject line "The Girls Contest" and include:
Your name
Your email adress
The correct subject line
If you post about the contest somewhere, let me know and get a free entry

Rules: The contest is open until Monday, January 12, 2009 when the new contest will be posted. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. One free entry per person allowed. Post ab0ut the contest to earn extra contest entries. Questions? Post a comment or email and ask.

The Girls won't be available in stores until April 2009, so this contest is a great way for you to read it before anyone else. :-) Good luck to everyone! I'll announce the contest winner on Tuesday, January 13th.

The Girls is also available for pre-order from

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Em said...

I just sent you an email with my entry. :) Cool contest!