Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Small Update

I feel like I've been doing a lot of these posts lately.  I'm so sorry I've been absent lately, and my poor little blog has been so neglected. 

As I mentioned before, I started a new job Monday, so I've been trying to work into my new routine and stuff.  I actually had a couple posts planned for this week, but Monday after work I had the worst migraine headache I've had in about a year and a half.  It kind of went away by Tuesday morning, but still hung around pretty much all week.  So for the most part, I've been coming home from work every day and laying around tyring to get rid of a new headache. 

Plus, things are moving right along with the book battle.  Our wonderful, amazing Round 1 Judges will be turning in their picks by tomorrow (May 1), so I may be absent somewhat next week too as I compile the shortlist and get everything organized for that.  Another Meet the Judges post will be going up soon, hopefully tomorrow or Monday. 

Anyway, things will hopefully settle down soon.  You are such wonderful readers for sticking through this with me.  I appreciate it, I really do.  It's nice to know that even when my life gets crazy, I have this blog to fall back on as a way to escape craziness, even for just a little while. 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have a migraine...I hear they're terrible. Hope you feel better soon and am looking forward to the short list