Friday, September 20, 2013

RIP to the best cat ever

Last night was one of the hardest nights of my life. 

It actually started out pretty good.  I got to see the new movie adaptation of Shannon Hale's book Austenland (which was excellent, by the way).  But upon coming home, I discovered something was very wrong. 

Greysen, my cat of 18 years, developed a blood clot in his left front shoulder last night.  This meant the whole leg was dragging on the ground, and he was in extreme amounts of pain.  We rushed him to the emergency vet, and it took them a few hours to figure out they weren't sure what was wrong with him.  They decided to keep him for overnight observation, and told us with some pain medication and fluids he would probably be okay and would send him home.  Then came the call at close to 11:00.  They had discovered the blood clot, it was causing him huge amounts of pain, and there was no cure save amputation, which he only have a 10% chance of surviving.  So we returned to the vet for what we knew would be his last time.  Making that decision was awful. And the sad thing was, that after $600.00 of tests to figure out what was wrong, I didn't even get to take him home with me. 

I've had a pretty rough night.  But I can take a small amount of comfort in the fact that he did live a long life for a cat, and it was probably best to let him go so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. 

So here's to you Greysen, my baby, who I raised from a kitten.  Rest in Peace buddy. 


Artemis Grey said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Greyson! Losing fur babies is agony. My sister just lost one of hers. It's by far the hardest part of having them in your life.

I'm sure Greyson had a wonderful life with you and you did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Alyssa, I am so very sorry to hear about Greyson. A poem called "The Rainbow Bridge" has always helped me during the hard times when my animals have passed away. It talks about our animals waiting for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where the old will be young, and the sick will be healed etc. Thank you for loving Greyson and taking care of him for 18 years - he deserved it. Jennifer

Angie L said...

Oh, Alysssa. I lost a nearly 14 yr old cat on April 3rd 2012 and it still hurts. They are such sweet, special, loving animals! I am so sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you in these coming, tough, emotional days.