Sunday, July 20, 2008


This is another one I found at Becky's Book Reviews.

Here's the rules:
1. Go to and look up a bunch of your favorite movies.
2. Post three or four official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for each.
3. You guys guess the movies (no looking them up!)

So here goes. I'll post the answers in about a week, so you can go ahead and guess. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think they are!

1. Shopping Montage. Alternate Dimension. Singing. Rescue.
2. Costume Drama. Marriage Proposal. Piano. Dancing.
3. Curse. Sword Fight. Parrot. Anti Hero (ooh, big word...).
4. Old Lady. Arranged Marriage. Cliff. Evil Prince.
5. Evil Empire. Saga. Princess. Bar Fight.
6. Robbery. Sword Fight. Revenge. California.
7. Mask. Secret Door. Ballroom. Diva.
8. Throne. Unicorn. Betrayal. Professor.
9. FBI. Library of Congress. Grandfather. Car Chase.
10. Teenage Boy. North Africa. Sleepwalking. Brother Brother Relationship.


Rikua said...

Lets see...

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
4. Princess Bride.
5. Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.
7. Mask of Zorro.
9. National Treasure.

Sone of those are hard...

Alyssa said...

Well, apparently 7 was. You got it wrong, bro. :-)