Monday, August 04, 2008

Just Checking In

Well, as usual, work is keeping me really busy lately. But I figured I'd just check in really quick. Since a couple things have happened anyway. Well, most of this will be old news to most of you anyway.

First of all, I bought of two copies of Breaking Dawn Saturday. Even though I haven't even read Eclipse yet (well, I've started it). I was at Wal Mart to buy groceries and there it was for only 14 bucks. I knew my roommates wanted it, so I grabbed two copies. You should have seen the fight for them when I got home. But to my chagrin, it was cheaper online from See look:

Guess it's a good thing I haven't bought my own copy yet.

In other news, Harry Potter fans have something to rejoice about. I'm sure you've heard of this too, but Amazon is releasing the infamous Tales of Beedle the Bard from the last Harry Potter book at the beginning of December. They're offering a good price if you pre-order it, plus it benefits charity too. I'm excited about this, even if it isn't strictly Harry-related. Kinda reminds me of those textbooks they released a few years ago:

Anyway, that's it for me right now. Have a great time reading for those of you who just got your hands on Breaking Dawn!

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