Monday, March 01, 2010

Contest Roundup: March 1

Hey everyone! It's Monday, and you know what that means *insert trumpet fanfare here* It's time for the weekly Contest Roundup!

First of all, don't forget you have a chance to win 3 copies of Wherever Nina Lies right here at The Shady Glade. Ends on my birthday (Mar 13) so you still have plenty of time to win. Also, I've extended February's comment contest for The Reluctant Heiress to the end of March (since I didn't blog much in Feb). So comment away if you'd still like to win that.

I will make sure I update the sidebar this time around, so make sure you check that out for other contests still going on as well.

And now, moving on to other chances to win:

Velvet from vvb32 Reads has a lot of great contests going on from her recent Mr. Knightley's Picnic event, including this one for Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales. Ends March 27th.

We've got some great books coming up in March, one of which is Hex Hall. The author is celebrating the release of her first book by hosting a contest for the book (and some t-shirts) at her blog. How cool! I'm really, really, really excited for this one, and I can't wait to read it.

Another book I've been eagerly anticipating for release this month is Brightly Woven. And it's almost here! Alexandra Bracken is also having a contest to celebrate her release date, so check this one out as well.

In Which a Girl Reads has reached 400 followers and is celebrating with an international giveaway for a book of your choice. Congrats on the followers! Ends March 6th, so hurry and enter!

There's another great contest going on at Fantastic Book Reivew, this time for an ARC of Forget-Her-Nots. This is another release I'm eagerly anticipating. :) Ends March 11th.

And speaking of followers, Bloody Bookaholic has reached 700 followers and is having a massive contest to celebrate. She's giving away 20 books (maybe more) including Jekyl Loves Hyde, Hearts at Stake, Harry Potter, and more. Don't want to miss this one. Ends April 18th.

Dark Faerie Tales is having another huge contest, this time to celebrate 500 followers. The winner will pick from a long list of books including The Body Finder, The Line, Voices of Dragons and more. Ends March 21st.

Misty from The Book Rat is celebrating her birthday (happy birthday Misty!) with a contest. She's giving away 5 books with a twist. Check out her post for all the details. Ends April 1st.

And last but certainly not least, here is a great giveaway from the Fire and Ice blog (check out the blog too, by the way, they've got some great stuff!). This giveaway is for a postcard and two bookmarks and they are GORGEOUS! On second thought, don't enter this contest, since that way I'll have a greater chance of winning. LOL :) Ends March 14th, which will be easy for me to remember since it's the day after my birthday.

And that's it for me this roundup. Don't forget to check the covers in the right sidebar for the latest!


Misty said...

Thanks. ^_^

vvb32 reads said...

thanks for the mention! good schtuff out there, eh?