Thursday, May 05, 2011

More Brackets? What Are Your Thoughts?

Hey everyone, I know I've been scarce, but I've been super busy with work and my spare time has been spent trying to compile the shortlist for the battle. 

So here's the thing.  There were 80 titles on the shortlist.  Each judge turned in a Top 10 list in order to narrow the list down, and counting each book that made it on a list at least once narrowed it down... to 69.  Counting in only those titles that were highly recommended cuts the list again... to around 30.

So here's where I'd like your opinion.  This year, since judging was broken up into two rounds, I had planned at having 16 books on the shortlist to be organized into four series of brackets.  Last year we had 24 books done in 5 series, with one eliminated book being "resurrected" in the fourth series. 

So this question goes out to you out there who are spectators this year (and judges too if you'd like to chip in).  Would you rather see 16 finalists or 24?  The latter option will add another two weeks (give or take) to the length of the battle, but there will be more chances for judge participation and a 8 additional books will get a chance to be highlighted. 

However, if we add more books to the shortlist, I will need more volunteer participation, since I don't have enough coverage with the volunteers I currently have.  So if you want that option and you haven't volunteered to judge yet, would you be willing to do so (or know of someone who might)? 

So what do you think?  If you'd rather not leave your thoughts in the comments here, feel free to email me or message me privately on Goodreads.  I really want to know what you all think, so let me know in the next day or two while I'm still working on the shortlist. 



Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Hmm... it might be better to make it 24 finalists, to get a wider range of books involve at that level. Not sure how to work around it, though, if you don't get more volunteers. I guess do whatever is easiest?

Anonymous said...

What Ashley said. And if you don't get any volunteers, how about having the Round 1 judges narrow down to the top 5 out of their top ten?

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I'm with the 24 idea as well. I wish I had time to volunteer, but I just moved so... If you can't get the volunteers you need, then I guess you will have to go with 16. Or mouseprints' idea might work too. Good luck! I can't wait to see which ones made it in.

Anonymous said...

24 would definitely be fun! But like the others said, if it isn't possible, then it isn't possible!

Anonymous said...

24 would be a nice selection...and if you need me to volunteer for judging again just let me know! Always here..Thanks Alyssa!