Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winner of Contest Monday: The Unknowns

So I totally meant to post this earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the time I had scheduled for posting was eaten up digging a glass shard out of my heel. I had to go through 2 hours and 3 family members of prodding and digging to get it out. Learn from my mistake kids... don't go outside in your bare feet!

But I digress. Let's announce the winner of the signed ARC of The Unknowns: A Mystery by by Benedict Carey:


Congratulations! Email me with your mailing address and I'll drop your new book in the mail. Don't forget that you can now enter a new contest this week.

The Unknowns: A Mystery is offically available tomorrow (April 1st) so get your copy from Amazon.com if you didn't win this time:

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