Thursday, April 16, 2009

How I Choose My Waiting on Wednesday Posts

While I was drafting my Waiting on Wednesday post yesterday, I started to think about the process which I go through to pick my Wednesday features. No idea if this will be of any interest to any of you, but it seems as though Thursdays are my rambling days. Haha. So the process goes something like this:

I spend wayyyyyy to much time on Amazon looking at upcoming releases. As soon as I hear about a book that interests me, it goes on my wish list. I organize them by release date, and when drafting my posts I simply choose the next one on the list.

Many of the posts you see here probably feature books you've heard about already. But Waiting on Wednesday posts are a way to help me keep track of the books on my wish list, which is why I feature them anyway. I also don't like doing posts too far in advance, because then I forget when the book comes out. Which is why you usually won't find books here more than one month before the release date.

One more note I thought mention. I tend to pick books that I don't have a copy of. There have been a few posts I've planned and then I received an ARC of the book in the mail. It's not that I don't want to feature these books anymore, but I figure they will get their spotlight in a review after I finish them.

Anyway, that's it for the rambling this week.


Alea said...

I agree with you about not featuring something you have a copy of. At first I did a bunch of WOW posts at once and had them set, and I got one of those books so I deleted that specific WOW post. I have multiple wishlists and they are not organized at all, it's probably better that way, I already buy too much as it is!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I tend to not do a WOW post every week, so when I do, I try and find books that not everyone is talking about so I can show people something new. I try not too go tooooo far in advance, but sometimes it happens just b/c people are already buzzing about the ones coming up in the next month or so.


Steph Su said...

This is an interesting post! Most of my wishlisted books comes from others' WoWs. I'm really bad at looking through Amazon myself. I only post up books I really want, or whose authors I know are really good. Haven't received ARCs in the mail as a result of posting them up though..

Alyssa F said...

And here I thought this wouldn't lead to any discussion. Haha

Alea- I know what you mean about buying too much. I have more books in my possession than I could probably read in a lifetime.

Lauren- You pretty much hit my situation on the head of the nail. I try to post WOW every week, but sometimes I get too busy. There's just too many books I want to feature, hence why I try to do one a week. But by the time I feature something, a lot of people have buzzed it already.

Steph Su- I've never gotten an ARC because of my WOW posts either. Lots of publishers send me things every so often anyway, and they happen to be on my WOW list. I would LOVE to get copies of my WOW books though! That would be awesome!

Alea said...

Hehe. I feel like I'm stockpiling them for a day when books no longer exist or something! It's insane!