Sunday, April 05, 2009

March's Search Terms

I've been seeing this types of posts around lately, most recently from Natasha over at Maw Books Blog. I did one of these posts wayyyy back in 2007, and I thought it might be fun to pick up the tradition again. I'm getting a lot more traffic now, and I have a better tracking software (Google Analytics) so I might make this a monthly thing. Mine certainly isn't as interesting as Natasha (she gets some weird stuff, but I think there's a few interesting things. So now, although we are almost a week into April, here's what my blog stats and searches were for March:

March Search Terms

First, I want to thank Steph Su and her blog, since that was the biggest traffic source I had from another blog. Most of my traffic comes from search engines, but way to go Steph Su! She sent an incredible 73 people over here last month. Amazing! Thank you so much Steph Su! (Sorry, that was a lot of exclamation points...)

Reviews and such
riding universe gaby triana review- No review here, sorry. You probably came across my Contest Monday post though.
bad review of fever 1793- Bad as in bad writing? Or bad as in someone didn't like it. Either way, I don't think my review of 1793 qualifies.

Bookish things
what to read after twilight romance?- I get a lot of these types of questions. I was surprised that they needed to add the word "romance" to their search
shady glade contest monday-Yeah! I'm famous! Well... sort of anyway
dr seuss story starters- Are you trying to be the next Dr. Seuss? Or figure out what he used to write stories?
"i love to read" - Congrats! I love to read too.
disney fairies book mother dove egg broke- *Spoiler* Yes, the egg broke. But it was fixed eventually. *End Spoilers* You're looking for Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
dragon keeper by carole wilkinson chapters summary- no idea why this showed up. I've never read this book! A summary might be nice...
sequel 3 of shabanu - It's called The House of Djinn. I came out last april
susan fletcher alphabet of dreams synopsis-Ummm.... okay?
ya literature quiz game- That sounds fun! I wanna play!

Everything else
and me there subject to your charms- This is from "All I Need" by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband!
rumpelstiltskin crafts- How about minature spinning wheels? No ideas for you, sorry.
i'm prilla tinkerbell- That's wonderful! I would prefer to be Rani myself.
me has cheezburger- Actually it's I Can Has Cheezburger
ruby in the smoke free watch- You could try YouTube...
swedish chef, beaker, animal habanera- It's a funny video. You can find that one on YouTube.

Huh? ('Nuff Said)
quotes about shady people
miss glade
aerobic instructors tv glade
coppy riding
what is glade in the snow

And lastly, my intention was the post the most visited posts on my blog in March. But in looking over the list, they are the same 5 or 6 posts I always see on this list. So I'm going to make that a seperate post. "The posts that wouldn't die" or something like that...

So what brought people to your blog last month?


Steph Su said...

Never knew I was like the crossing guard of blogs, in a sense. Yay! Haha. Anyway, this whole search term thing sounds really fun and interesting. Where do you get the, uh, program or HTML code for it??

Sisa said...
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Alyssa F said...

There's a couple of places that do it. I started with using Statcounter ( but have recently switched to Google Analytics (

They walk you through how to install the code on either site.