Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contest Monday Banners Due Tomorrow!

Everyone who wants to enter the Contest Monday Design-A-Banner contest, your entries are due by midnight tomorrow! Today is Italicalso your last day to enter the Wings contest.

Full details for the banner contest can be found at the original post, but the winner will get a free book of your choice from my very long list of prizes to give away! Every entry will get four free entries into the Contest Monday of your choice, even if you don't win. You can send up to 3 different designs for the contest.

Here is a list of the entries I have recieved so far. My email had a little hiccup, so anyone who submitted something make sure your name is here. If not, email your designs to me again.

Good luck to everyone! The entries have been fantastic so far! Everyone else, get ready to vote for your favorites.

Banners recieved from:
Deltay (3)
Karen K. (3)
Melanie F. (3)
The Bookworm (2)
Liyana (2)

If I'm missing anyone, resubmit your banners please!

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Amanda said...

I sent in my entry just now!