Sunday, August 16, 2009

Slowing Down a Bit

Just a quick notice to let you know things might be a little slow around here for the next few days/weeks. I've had things pick up with work lately, so that's cut into my blogging time.

Right now, I'm concentrating my efforts on getting my first Travelling Book Swap off the ground and going smoothly. So far so good! Also, my blogoversary is next month, so I'm spending a lot of time behind the scenes preparing some cool stuff for that.

So, in the meantime, I'm not sure how much I will be posting in the next few days. It's kind of a "wait and see" thing. So if you don't see me, that's where I've gone.


Melanie said...

Hope everything works out well at your job! I can't wait for the Traveling Book Swap. Now you've got me intrigued about your blogoversary. :D

Alyssa said...


Now you've made me nervous! I hope I live up to your expectations. ;)