Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: 2.2.11

I've been a bad blogger lately. Every time I promise to come back to blogging something else comes up. Remember last year when my cat had a near death experience? Well, the same problem is back again almost a year later and this time it looks like he might not pull through. It's still a little early to tell, but let's just say I've been a little distracted lately.

Still today's post is to prove to myself that I haven't gone completely AWOL and I am capable of blogging at least a little bit.

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

About the Book (from "I'm not your average hero. I actually wasn't your average anything. Just a poor guy working an after-school job at a South Beach shoe repair shop to help his mom make ends meet. But a little magic changed it all.

It all started with a curse. And a frognapping. And one hot-looking princess, who asked me to lead a rescue mission.

There wasn't a fairy godmother or any of that. And even though I fell in love along the way, what happened to me is unlike any fairy tale I've ever heard. Before I knew it, I was spying with a flock of enchanted swans, talking (yes, talking!) to a fox named Todd, and nearly trampled by giants in the Everglades.

Don't believe me? I didn't believe it either. But you'll see. Because I knew it all was true, the second I got cloaked."

So that doesn't give much of a plot summary, although it intrigues me. So I went and found another summary on

"Johnny works after school in a shoe repair shop in a swanky hotel in Miami. He loves shoes and is talented; he even aspires to be the next Manolo Blahnik. But the real reason that he is working so hard is because his dad left when he was a baby and he needs to help his mom pay the bills. At least he has his friend, Meg, who works at the hotel coffee shop, to keep him co... more »mpany.

When beautiful Princess Victoriana comes to stay at the hotel, Johnny is thrilled when Victoriana invites him to her suite. There she tells him that her brother has been turned into a frog, and that she needs his help finding him in the Florida Keys. Johnny thinks she is crazy and does not believe her, until she gives him a magical cloak that immediately transports him to another location. Armed with the cloak and a magical earpiece that can help him talk to other transformed humans Johnny sets out to save the Prince."

Much better! You know me and fairy tales. It looks like unlike Flinn's two previous books (Beastly and A Kiss in Time) this one is a mashup of multiple fairy tales. But I love how she brings fairy tales to the modern world, so I'm excited about this one.

And the cover? Well, it's okay. I was hoping for something really pretty like the hardcover edition of A Kiss In Time. But I guess the publisher is going back to the red/black/white flower scheme for these books, since the paperback version of a A Kiss in Time doesn't feature that beautiful green dress, but rather a red flower on a white background.

Sigh. Oh well.

Cloaked will be released soon (Febuary 8th!) but is currently available for pre-order at


Liana said...

I really like Alex Finn's non fairy tale books

Anonymous said...

This WOW looks it when it's all mixed up. Sorry to hear about your feline buddy and hope that all is well soon.

Cindy said...

I just finished reading this and its really good. This is actually my first Alex Finn book. It was a great read.