Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random posting

So like I need another excuse for why I haven't been posting. My work schedule has been crazy enough that that's plenty of excuse. Don't believe me? I've been working 12 hour shifts. Believe me now?

Anyway, back on topic.

I have another thing that has been keeping me from my computer. Twilight. Yes, I'm finally reading it. The sad thing is, I've had the book for over a year, and just haven't gotten around to reading it. In my defense, I do have lots and lots of books at home waiting to be read right now.

But.... Oh. My.

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this. I don't think I've read something this great recently. I mean, I've read a lot of stuff I've liked, but this went above and beyond. I'm not going to bother reviewing it, most of you have read it already. I realize how late I am on this bandwagon.

By the way, does anyone have a copy of New Moon they want to send me? :-)


Annette Laing said...

Alyssa! Yeah, back again, like Marley's ghost. How way cool that you're hanging with the Mouse!
Okay, since I'm still patiently waiting for a blogger to discover me (patience by my standards, anyway), I'll send you another review copy in Florida if you like. No obligation to like the book. Otherwise, I shall take the hint, shut up, and go away. :-)

Alyssa F said...

Actually, that would be great if you don't mind. I actually left the book on the airplane on the way here! I was kicking myself so much because I was halfway through and I really liked it so far. :-)

Annette Laing said...

Awesome! Email me an address at, and lo, it shall be yours!