Saturday, August 22, 2009

July's Search Terms

Ugh. I really need to be better about posting these in the beginning of the month! Oh well. Enjoy anyway, there are some interesting ones out there:

July's Search Terms
(things people googled to end up at my blog)

how do i get a copy of catching fire?- Well, after September 1st, you can buy your very own copy. Before that, you'll have to find a contest for it.

the sky inside sequel?- You bet! It's called The Walls Have Eyes and it comes out on August 25th.

brooke anne frewin- Umm... who?

how to lose a twilight addiction- I suggest you find something else to be addicted to. Try movies. That's a good alternative.

marak tamora pierce- Actually Marak is a character from The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle.

news of more twilight books- Well the series is over, but they are making it into a graphic novel.

which do you prefer reading book or watching the film- Depends on both the book and the movie.

can't access blogger- I hate it when that happens. I had that problem myself last month.

people are like quotes- Are you sure people are like quotes? Maybe people are like, I don't know, onions?

1year old princess thank you poems- I got nothing. Sorry.

add me please here is my email- That's all there was. No email or nothing!

anyone cross stitching wildwood dancing- That would be a complicated pattern. O.o But I have a puzzle of it!

are there quizzes that tell you if you are a bibliophile?- Yup! You can try this one. But chances are if you know what bibliophile means, you are one.

did michael jackson like star wars- I have no idea.

how to win a randomness contest- Well, it's random, so....


Andrea said...

Hi! Question for you--how do you find out the search terms that people used to get to your site?


Unknown said...

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