Sunday, April 04, 2010

Clear Away The Clutter Read-A-Thon

Okay, so I had totally though I had posted this weeks ago, but it turns out I never fished it out of draft form. *forehead smack*

So since it starts TOMORROW, I figured I needed to finish this up quick.

As part of her Clear Away the Clutter Mini Challenge, Kate from The Neverending Shelf is hosting a Clear Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon. Yay! Here's a chance to read some of those books from my Clear Away The Clutter post.

Who can participate

Begins: 7am, Monday, April 5th
Ends: 11pm, Sunday, April 11th

You'll need to head over to Kate's post to sign up, but you should join me!

I'm setting really small goals because although this is a week long thing, I don't have Spring Break and I'm really busy with my job. So I don't know how much I'm going to be able to read. My goal is to read at least two hours a day. We'll see what happens...

Starting tomorrow I will be trying to spend my free time reading rather than blogging. I have several scheduled posts that will go up anyway, but if you email me I may be a little longer in responding. Again, we'll just have to see!

As far what I'm going to read, I'm pretty much sticking with my list from my original CATCC post. With these few additions:

Scripture reading (I do this every night, so why not count it?)
Green by Laura Peyton Roberts
The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas
Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten (I started it weeks ago, I need to finish!)

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