Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Well, this is Saturday and the end of the week, which means it looks like I successfully accomplished my goal of blogging every day this week. And it was a little harder than it looked! Seems like every time I set out to make a goal like this, tons of things pile on that take time away from blogging. *sigh*

Anyway, hopefully this week will have been enough to jump start my blogging a little bit more. Unfortunately, because of the above noted crazy schedule, I didn't have the opportunity to finish up some of my planned posts that I wanted. But... hopefully I will be able to get them up in a week or two.

So what will next week bring? Well, I know for sure I probably won't be able to blog Monday because I already know about a huge deadline I have for work. But the rest of the week? I guess we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on accomplishing your goal! That's fantastic. :D I can so relate to having other stuff take away all your blogging time, but it's great when you can find time to blog because blogging is so irresistibility fun!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the daily posts! Too bad life has to get in the way...