Wednesday, October 24, 2018

In Which I Tackle My TBR Pile

Do you ever feel like your TBR (to be read) pile is taking over?

I love Goodreads, it's great for helping me keep track of books that I want to read, books I've read, books on my wish list, etc.  But it can also be a bad thing, because it allows me to keep track of every book I've ever seen that I want to read.

And my want-to-read list is getting long.

Like, really long.

Like, over 3000+ books right now.

And I'm pretty sure that's a soft number, because there's a lot of books I've added to my Kindle wish list when perusing Amazon or books from my digital wish list at the library that never make the transfer to Goodreads.

Anyway, I feel like it's getting out of control.  I realize that I will probably die before I can read every book I've ever heard of that I feel like reading, mostly because they keep coming out with new books every year!  It will be impossible to catch up.

But I do feel like it would be nice to get around to some of these books that have been sitting on my bookshelves for a very long time.  I unfortunately have a "save the best for last" personality, which manifests in my reading as holding off on reading a book I'm really excited about in favor of something I'm not quite as eager to read.  I guess the idea in my subconscious being that I'll enjoy the other book more once I've got the not-so-great out of the way.

But you know what?  Life is too short.

So I'm pledging to get started on all those books I've been "saving" that have been on my shelves forever.   And I'm going to get my Want to Read list under control (or at least more control).

Step 1: Sort through all 3482 books currently on my Goodreads list (yes, that's really how many books are on there) and take out books that are duplicated/on there by mistake/I am no longer interested in.  Because my reading interests have changed over the years after all.

Report on my success to come soon.  Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Thrilled to see you back! How do you think your reading preferences have changed over the years. I have bags of books to read as well and slowly, ever so slowly, am making my way through them.