Sunday, September 02, 2007

1 Year Old!

Wow, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve been blogging for a whole year now. When I posted my first entry one year ago, I never thought that this would go in the direction it did. Don’t get me wrong, I love where this project has gone, but it definitely isn’t the same as what I originally thought it would be.

By the way, that first entry was a contest notice for Flux’s Fall Writing contest… a contest I later ended up winning!

Anyway, getting back to the original expectations idea. I had thought that this would mostly be dedicated to book reviews. I never dreamt I would use it as a way of presenting ideas, joining (and hosting!) challenges, participating in the Cybils, and so much more. I have certainly come to be more active in the online world since starting this than I ever would have imagined.

So now, 150 posts later, I say thank you to all my readers who helped me get this far. Anyone who has added a link to this blog from their site, thank you. Thank you to anyone who is participating or has helped spread word about the Summer Writing Challenge. And a special thank you to Miss Erin, who gave my first comment ever, and has been a sort of “blogging mentor” ever since.

My goals for the next year are fairly simple. I would like to get back to the routine of posting every other day, but at my current record I’d settle for every week. I also want to get through the Summer Writing Challenge, which has been an absolute blast to host. I have no idea where the next year will take me, but whatever it is, let’s travel together!


Sheila said...

1 year old - awesome! Happy blogiversary!

Alyssa said...


Sarah Beth Durst said...

Happy blogiversary, Alyssa!

Best wishes,

Erin said...

Happy happy bloggiversary!! And, *blush*, thank you for your kindest of words. :)