Thursday, September 20, 2007

Narnia covered

I recently read an interesting post over at Becky's Book Reviews that showed the latest covers for the Narnia books. And here they are:

Apparently these have sparked quite the debate since they were released. If you're interested in why, you should click over to Becky's post, since she describes it way better than I do. Personally, I think they are okay, but by far my favorite covers were these ones released in 2002. I don't know why they appeal to me so much. Perhaps it's the use of color, or the photoshoping of images, or maybe it's the lion at the end of every cover. For whatever reason, these are the ones I want to have when I have my own copies of the books:

I wish I knew who did them, but I can't seem to find the artist anywhere, so if you do, please email me! Unfortunately, these may be out of print soon (the complete set is already according to, so if you like these as much I as I do, I'd click over to amazon using the links below (or you can click on the covers) and order them while you still can. However, if you like the newer ones, then you won't have long to wait. And if anyone has copies of these they would be willing to part with, please email me and let me know. I would be interested in a full set, but even if you only have some we may be able to work something out...

In other news, they are currently filming Price Caspian. I am waaaaay excited, since I absolutely loved the first Narnia movie! :-)

Here's links to buy if you want them (or click on the covers above):
The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)

*Edited to add* I managed to find the new poster for the Prince Caspian movie. Doesn't that look cool? It gives me shivers just thinking about it. I still need to buy the soundtrack from the first movie, and then I'm going to go have a Narnia party. If you'd like more information on the movies, you can visit the offical Disney site.

And, according to, Voyage of the Dawn Treader is slated for production as well. Wouldn't it be cool if they do all seven movies?


Becky said...

Alyssa, The covers you like so much are the ones done by Cliff Nielsen.

You can find out more here:

Alyssa said...

Thanks Becky! I didn't have time this afternoon to look for the artist, so your information is super helpful!