Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bracket Graphic Updated

For those of you who are more visual people, here's the updated brackets for Round 2 as posted earlier. Now you can easily see which books have moved on, and which ones haven't. Clicking on the graphic below will make it bigger.

You can also save the graphic to your own computer and fill it in yourself as we go. Or just wait for me to do it. Whatever floats your boat. :)

Anyway, without any more rambling, here it is (click to make it bigger and will open in a new window):


Mel said...

Let me just say, there are a couple of those brackets I am glad I won't have to judge! I can't even guess who might win.

Erika said...

I was so excited to see who made it. I am surprised at a few but others not so much. I loved the visual bracket!