Friday, December 17, 2010

Poetry Friday: Can You Remember

Here's another edition of Poetry Friday Christmas style. I'm featuring lyrics from Christmas songs as my Poetry Friday posts all month long!

The song I've had stuck in my head today is "Can You Remember". Most of you have probably never heard of it. It's the song that's at the beginning of Believe... in Holiday Magic, which is Disneyland's Christmas fireworks display. Being the big Disney fan I am, the music to those fireworks in one of my favorite Christmas things to listen to. But I love the words too. So here for your enjoyment are the lyrics, as best as I can tell (I had to transcribe them myself).

"Can You Remember" from Believe... in Holiday Magic at the Disneyland Resort

(spoken) Does your heart hold the magic of the holidays? Is it filled with warm memories just waiting to be discovered again? Well now is the time to open your heart. Believe in that magic, and remember those treasured moments. Oh, they're still there, deep within you. Waiting to touch you once more. So come along, as the magic of the season leads the way.

Can you remember
How Christmas makes you feel?
The special magic in the air
When all your dreams were real
Can you remember
The smell of gingerbread?
Candy canes and sugar plums
That danced inside your head

Remember when the twinkling stars at night
Told you reindeer were in flight?
And jolly Santa Claus was on his way
The warmth of candle glow
A kiss of mistletoe
The magic lives when we believe it's in our hearts to stay

Remember the caring
A season worth sharing
Believe in the magic in our lives
Just open up your heart
And reel in the feeling
Just remember the magic
Yes, remember the magic
One more time

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M.A.D. said...

Mary D

Love this one! And that makes me remember (and miss) growing up just an hour away from Disney World in Orlando ! :D