Monday, January 24, 2011


Sorry I've been absent last week. I still have more 2010 wrap up posts to do, and it's my goal to publish all of them before the end of January, I hope.

Unfortunately I find myself in a bit of a book slump lately. It's been steadily increasing over the last few weeks. And it's affecting my blogging. I don't really want to read so I'm not in the mood to blog much either. Meh.

The problem is that I have a book that I got to review for a local newspaper, so I absolutely have to turn in a review. And although I'm not hating this book, I'm far from loving it. It's over 400 pages and I am stuck at about page 100. I'm not invested in the story or the characters, I just don't care about either of them. But since I have to write a review for it, I need to at least get a little farther before I abandon it.

Anyone have good ideas to get out of a book slump? I've tried reading a different book, but I just end up tearing through that book since I'm enjoying it so much more and then when I'm done with it I'm back at point A.

Well, at least with less reading I've had more time to work on bookmark orders. Here's one of my latest finished. I think it turned out pretty good, don't you think? (Even if my camera took a not-so-good picture.)


Elie said...

I am not so much of a reading slump, but a reviewing slump. I would say take a break, but if you have a book you have to review, I would just make yourself do it, get it done, and then take a break.

Bookmark looks great!

Cindy said...

Great bookmark. It came out really nice.

I think thats a typical feeling for book bloggers being in a book/review slump. What I do when that happens is taking a break. Clear your head.

That happens to me where i find its getting to be a chore and not enjoying it as much but a few days or a week away does the trick.

lisa said...

it's too bad that you have a deadline for that book, so you don't really have the option of putting it off for too long. :(

what about reading x number of pages of the review book a day? kinda like doing a chore...but then it's not hanging over your head!

good luck with your slump. we've all been there!

fredamans said...

All I can say is keep on keepin' on!