Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Books!

Since my new job requires a bus ride to work, I've found myself getting much more reading done lately.  And as my "read" pile gets a little larger, I realize it's time to get rid of some of the books on my bookshelves.

So here I offer them to all of you.  Some of these have been on my shelves for so long, I'm very ready to get rid of them.  A lot of these I'm giving away for free, all you have to do is cover the shipping costs.   If you see anything you're interested in, email me right away (shadygladeATmailDOTcom).  Rather than list all the book this time, I've decided to do a cover montage through Goodreads.  That way it links to the book's description, and you get to see all the pretty covers too.

These are divided into Free, $1, and $2 categories.  You just pay the price of the book (if any), plus shipping.  Rates are listed at the very, very bottom of this post, and I do ship internationally.  If you've got a lot of books you're interested, I can look into doing a Priority flat rate box, since it might be cheaper (depending on where you live).

If you have any books on my wishlist (left sidebar), let me know since I might also be willing to trade.  I prefer PayPal as a method of payment, which requires a credit card. Anyone who can't do PayPal, send me an email (shadyglade(AT)mail(DOT)com) and we'll work something out.

Almost all of these are either new or like new condition. I take very good care of my books. I will confirm condition of every book before shipment, so you'll know exactly what you're getting before you pay for anything.  So without further ado, here's the books.

Free Books

Free ARCs

$1 books

$2 books

Shipping costs
Up to 1 pound $3.18
1-2 pounds $3.57
2-3 pounds $3.96
3-4 pounds $4.35
4-5 pounds $4.74
5-6 pounds $5.13
6-7 pounds $5.52
7-8 pounds $5.91
Above 8 pounds, you can email for a quote.

Shipping will be done via Media Mail for US addresses, since it's much cheaper. Shipping is determined by the weight of the books. If you'd like to know beforehand how heavy something is that you're interested in, let me know and I'll weigh it for you. Shipping costs also include delivery confirmation for the US, so you can track the package while en route.


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