Friday, December 22, 2006

Review: Christmas Titles

If you’ve been looking for some great Christmas reads, you should check out these reviews:

Mistletoe Madness by Various

Christmas is the perfect time to gather around and read all those wonderful holiday stories that we love. Whether you are into stories about Santa, magic, families, or general goodwill to mankind, Mistletoe Madness has what you’re looking for.

Learn what happens when a 12-year-old cooks her first Christmas turkey, how one family celebrates Christmas two ways, and what happens when a girl rides catches the train for a very special Christmas present. This is just a small peek into the treasures that are in this anthology. Filled with stories, poems, and occasional illustrations this book has something for everyone.

And not all of these stories take place in modern times or under unusual circumstances. Set in both past and present, these stories are full of magic, both real and imagined. My favorite story, “Liranel’s Gift” was set in Medieval times, in a town where blessings are bestowed by Song (magic through singing). Although that one was by far my favorite, I would have to say “The Clauses go to Hollywood” was a close tie. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Santa Claus as a real movie star?

Recommended for ages 12 and up, although readers of all ages will enjoy reading (or hearing) this wonderful collection.

Shady Glade Rating- 8/10

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A Christmas Dozen by Steve Burt

One of my absolute favorite times of year is the Christmas season. It’s a time of widespread goodwill towards mankind, and I love all the stories that come from this wonderful holiday.

A Christmas Dozen is a collection of 12 such short stories, to warm the heart, inspire, and lift your spirits. Each story is unique and completely different. Travel to Europe during World War II to experience how a lost solider experiences his Christmas Eve, see how a pair of circus elephants brought a community together, how one minister’s candlelight service changed his life forever, and how a town’s collective prayers are answered in one unique live nativity.

My personal favorite was a story entitled “Christmas Mouse” about a German mouse who gets caught on a ship in India for Christmas. In a situation reminiscent of Belleau Wood during World War I, a traditional Christmas carol changes this particular Christmas Eve forever.

My only complaint with the book as a whole was that the writing can be a little awkward in some places. However, the stories make up for any temporary flaws. In turns heartwarming, hilarious, and heartbreaking, this collection is the perfect way to get in the Christmas Spirit. Filled with tales that both old and young will enjoy, I recommend this for readers aged 12 and up.

Shady Glade Rating- 7/10

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