Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let the Games Begin

It’s here! The moment where YOU decide who wins the Summer Writing Challenge. Entries are now closed, and you can vote to choose the winner! We got several great entries, and they’re just dying to figure out who won. So let’s not keep them waiting shall we?

    1. 1. Links to all entries are posted below, at the bottom of the post. Read each entry and choose which one is your favorite.
      2. Send me an email at shadyglade@mail.com telling me which entry you chose.
      3. Yes, you can vote for your own story!
      4. You have until midnight (MST) on Thursday, October 18th to get your votes in. Then I will tally them all up and announce the winners.
*BONUS*- Surprise! There’s going to be another winner. In addition to the prizes previously mentioned, I’m hosting another way for all of you to win. Each person who emails me their vote will be entered into a random drawing to win one book from the Prize Box (your choice). So you have no excuse not to vote, even if you didn’t participate! Please include the best way for me to contact you in your email, or you won’t get your prize!

Extra entry- For those of you who are ambitious, you can gain an extra entry into the random drawing. Simply post somewhere (a blog, forum, website, etc.) about the voting. Then send me an email letting me know where you posted it (with a link). Once the post is verified, you’re entered again.

Also, if anyone would like to provide feedback I would be very grateful. What was done well? What needed improvement? Do you want to make this an annual contest? Let your voice be heard!

Thank you again to anyone who participated/commented/spread the word. Good luck to everyone. May the voting begin!

Entries for the Summer 2007 Writing Challenge (in no particular order):
If I missed one (or you missed the deadline on accident) email me and let me know. I may be able to squeeze you in… :-)

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