Saturday, October 20, 2007

Robert’s Snow: Theresa Brandon

By now, many of you have heard of Robert’s Snow, but if you haven’t I’ll give you a quick overview. If you’ve read this before, skip down to see today’s snowflake.

Robert’s Snow was started in 2004 by Children’s illustrator Grace Lin when her husband Robert was diagnosed by with a rare form of cancer. That year, Grace gathered several children’s book illustrators together to each create a unique snowflake that could be auctioned off to raise funds for cancer research. Since it’s beginning, Robert’s Snow has raised over $200,000 dollars for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

And now without further here is the 2007 snowflake done by Theresa Brandon: “Her Royal Highness”: (Click on the picture for a larger version. Trust me, it's worth it!)

Isn’t this great? It combines two of my favorite things: cats and princesses. Also, (since it’s hard to tell from the picture alone) this snowflake also has antique beads and faux gems incorporated into the design in order to give it a three-dimensional feel.

For those of you who are ready to own this stunning piece of art, here are the specifics. The snowflake will be auctioned off in the second set of auctions starting on November 26 at 9:00am and closing on November 30 at 5:00pm. Visit the auction site for even more details.

And now more about the artist who created this beauty!

Theresa Brandon grew up in a small Northern Illinois town and graduated with a major in Art Education. She began freelance illustration in 1996, working part time while still being at stay-at-home mom. She lives in a 130-year-old Victorian house in Illinois, with her husband, two daughter, cat and Scottie dog.

Normally Ms. Brandon prefers to work with watercolor and other traditional media, but she if expanding into digital prints as well. How fun is that? Some of the illustrators she admires most include some of my own favorites: Beatrix Potter, Arthur Rackham, Edmund DuLac, Kay Nielsen. And let’s not forget my own personal favorite: Cicely Mary Barker!

To see more of her amazing artwork, visit Theresa Brandon at her website.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

Thanks! I wish I could see and touch that snowflake in person, what with its faux gems and such. And I wish I lived in a 130-year-old Victorian house, too! Sounds great.

Thanks so much for participating in this Blogging for a Cure....Woot!

-- Jules, 7-Imp

tanita✿davis said...

Another 3D snowflake! And another cat flake! SO pretty! And her style is very realistic. Wow.