Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So whaddya wanna know?

I got the idea for this post last Monday, when one my commenters asked me a question about what musicals I like (if you hadn't noticed that's in my blog bio). I was going to answer in the comments, but it made me think about what some of my readers might want to know about me. I'm not really a meme person so much, but I'd like to answer these questions somehow!

So what do you want to know? Post your questions that you'd like me to answer in the comments to this post. Want to know my favorite book/movie/band? My schooling background? My favorite foods? What I look like? How I got started blogging? Or maybe you just want to know why "this crazy girl always has a @*$#)! Disney character for her profile picture"?

So post your questions, and I'll devote a whole post to answering them. Of course, I reserve the right to not answer some questions, since this is the internet after all. Post a comment or send me an email by next Tuesday (Feb 17).

Okay, I'm ready now. Go!

And as a reward for those of you who actually made it this far through the post.... Anyone who asks a question here will get another entry into this week's Contest Monday. How's that for incentive. ;-)


Erika Powell said...

I am always curious where people are blogging from so where do you live? and because I also love musicals and have watched Mamma Mia about 15 times since I got the DVD for Christmas did you like the movie?

donnas said...

What made you want to start blogging?

And what is your favorite color?

Senfaye said...

What is your favorite book of all time?

susan said...

I’m tagging you for my writer’s meme. It fits in perfectly with your post today. Share with your readers your top five reasons why you blog. And I have a request, please post a link to your reply at Writer's meme

Yan said...

What's your favorite book that you've reviewed so far? And which book are you most excited about to be released!

Paradox said...

What's your favorite genre to read?

I won't ask about favorite books, because that is almost always an impossible question, but what about favorite books you've read this month or last year (or whatever)?

deltay said...

What types of blogs do you personally enjoy reading?

Do you like/dislike when there's pictures in the entries?

If you could meet someone, anyone, who would it be, and why?

Michelle Kuo said...

Even though I'm sure many others are asking the same thing, what is your favorite book of all time? Or if that's too hard to answer, who's your favorite author?

I'm also curious as to what your favorite genre of books is--romance? Action? Humor? :D

Unknown said...

If all books had to be burned save one and you could pick which one to save, what would you choose and why?

What's your all-time favorite Disney movie? Whose your favorite Disney princess?

Which literary character do you most want to be or be friends with?

What book(s) have had a major impact on your life or the way you think?

How did Contest Monday start, and how do you manage to keep it going?

H said...

Ok, I have 2 questions:
you said you like crafts. What do you make/draw?
Also, because the favourite book question has already been asked I thought I'd go a bit different and ask what is your favourite book COVER and why?