Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Post Policy

Along with a new review policy, I am now accepting guest posts for this blog. I think this is a great way to network with other writers, bloggers, readers, etc. so please read the policy below if you are interested in submitting something.

Guest Post Policy
If you'd like to submit a guest blog post to The Shady Glade, I'd love to have you! Whether you are an author, a writer, blogger, or just a blog reader, I will happily accept any guest posts, whether they are reviews, interviews, ramblings, or whatever!

Email me at shadyglade (AT) to arrange your post. I ask that you keep any posts somewhat topic-related. You'll also need to send your post over in advance for review. While I won't ever edit what you say, I may ask you to change something to make it more blog appropriate. Rest assured that you will have complete control over any changes made.

I'm pretty hands off, but I do need to make sure this blog stays somewhat on topic!


(: Isa :) said...

That's awesome!

Steph Bowe said...

A fabulous idea!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Sounds enticing..I'm going to try to think of something..