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Author Guest Post: Zoë Marriott

Today I'm happy to announce a guest post from Zoë Marriott, author of one of my personal favorite books on the Cybils list last year, The Swan Kingdom. She also published Daughter of the Flames in Feburary of this year, which I haven't had a chance to read yet, but is next on my list when I can get a hands on a copy!

Zoë's post is about her top five tips for getting published. It's a little long, but this is some of the best writing advice I've ever read, so for you aspiring writers out there, come hither! And it's quite funny, so you'll find it entertaining too. Plus Zoë dragged herself out of bed after being sick with swine flu (!) to write a post for my blogoversary. WHich make me feel totally humbled and extremely greatful I have something to post. So without further delay, take it away Zoë!

by Zoë Marriott

First, a disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer, J K Rowling, or Meg Cabot. I'm definitely not Dan Brown. What am I trying to say here? Basically, that the advice which is about to be imparted comes, not from a legendary, best-selling author who Hollywood directors grovel before, but from a sort-of-successful, you-might-meet-her-in-the-grocery-store kinda writer. The sort of writer who still answers ALL her fan mail, by herself, because she cannot afford a new skirt, let alone a personal assistant. Make no mistake – my advice is good. But if you're looking for the super-special awesome secret to becoming an overnight billionaire? Guess what – so am I. Tell me if you find it. Seriously. My baby needs a new bed. Well, my dog does.

TIP NUMBER FIVE: For the love of God, do not just write what you know.

Before you groan, I'm not going to start lecturing you about how you need to gain life experience, grow up, get your heart broken twelve times and climb Mount Kilimanjaro before you dare to write a book. What I'm talking about here is the most common (and cringe-worthy) problem that I see with young writers on every writing website I go on: accidentally writing fan-fiction, when what you really want to write is original fiction.

Some of you know you're doing it. Some of you honestly don't. Either way, this is the kiss of death when it comes to getting published.

I'm not just talking about the really obvious stories that you guys have probably seen yourselves (and laughed at) where someone sets their wizard boarding school story in America and makes the main character a girl and thinks they're completely original. You're writing fan-fiction any time that you give into the temptation to 'borrow' a character or a really cool plot turn or a fictional world. Even if you changed almost everything about that character or put different characters in that world, trust me, it still is not going to work.

It doesn't feel like stealing. It just feels like loving that other writer's work so much you're inspired by it. You want to write your own story about a heroine who moves to a strange town and falls in love with a mysterious boy, but in your story the heroine is orphaned and a musician and she moves to the desert – so that's okay, right? Or you want to have a hero just like that one, but yours is way more cheerful and is less sparkly and has different hair. And is poor. That doesn't count, does it? Oh, yes, it does. True inspiration comes from within you, your own unique hopes, dreams and fears. Your soul. And if you start a novel using something that you have borrowed, even if you think you've given it a unique twist, you're letting yourself and your future readers down.

And also, even if you don't think anyone could ever possibly figure out where you took your plot/character/setting day, when you least expect it, someone will notice and call you on it. You don't need the guilt and humiliation, guys, trust me. Don't go there.

TIP NUMBER FOUR: Research is your BFF.

The second most common mistake made by young writers is thinking that research is for other people. No, no, young grasshopper. Research is everyone's BFF.

Now, it's not true that you can never do too much research when it comes to writing your story. You can, if it stops you from actually getting your story written. But that's it. Other than writing, research is your number one job. Even if you set the book in a town very much like the one where you live, peopled it with people very much like you, and gave your heroine your own part-time job (I hope you haven't done that, by the way) you're still going to need to check your facts. If you're setting something in Medieval Europe – even a fantasy version – please do not think that owning the box-set of the LOTR films is all you need. You'll look very silly.

Real horses can't gallop for an hour without stopping. Really. They drop dead if you do that. Real bows don't shoot if you get the string wet. At all. Most guns don't work wet either. Real people who get stabbed or shot are unable to move for days because of the agony – they don't get better after someone digs the bullet out, slaps a bandage on and gives them a hot drink. A hot drink will not cure hypothermia either. Maybe other writers or the people on TV have gotten away with this – but shame on them. You can do better.

The other time that research will be your BFF is when the book is written and you're trying to figure out how to put together a professional looking manuscript, what you write in a submission letter, and where to send everything. There is a Writer's Guide, Writer's Handbook or Writer's and Artists Yearbook in every English speaking country in the world. The rules within apply to everyone, including you, and the addresses for agents and publishers are invaluable. Use your skills to find this book. Read it. Live it. Your chances of getting a publisher go up by about 75%. Yes, really.

TIP NUMBER THREE: Believe in yourself...

In the words of Meg Cabot's grandma – you are not a fifty dollar bill. Not everyone is going to like you. The same thing goes for your work.

Strangely, when it comes to writing, the people who you love and trust the most will often be the least supportive. Your friend, who was completely wonderful that incredibly embarrassing time you got sick during your ballet show, for some reason acts like writing is pointless and boring. Your teacher, who seemed really cool up until now, just gave you your precious story back covered in sarcastic red scribbles about how he would have written the story better if it was his. That person on the internet who was helpful before has sent a piece of your story to a bunch of other people and they're all making fun of it. Your mum just sighs and asks you why you can't write something more 'cheerful'.

This is the time when you need to believe in yourself and the story that you want to tell. Just like I cannot understand the urge to sail around the world single-handedly in a yacht, those people in your life do not understand your need to write. That doesn't make your writing any less important, just like my not really wanting to sail the world does not make that achievement any less incredible for the guy or girl who does it. It's your passion. Your dream. Sometimes you'll be the only one who gets it. Be strong and believe in yourself.

And when you do get published, I promise you – absolutely guarantee you – that all those people who could not understand it before will suddenly change their minds and think you're incredible too.

TIP NUMBER TWO: But don't be a jerk about Tip Number Three.

Sometimes other people will criticize your work, AND THEY WILL BE RIGHT. Horrible, isn't it? You've written your little heart out, you've suffered, you've shed blood sweat and tears, all because of that belief that your story is worth writing. And then some jerk comes along and tells you that your main character is a Mary-Sue, that your middle section drags, and that your ending is predictable. Who the heck do they think they are???

Your editor, that's who. Or maybe they're some other person whose opinion you know is good, like a friend who reads and writes just as much as you do and likes all the same authors as you. Or an agent who you submitted your work to, who was kind enough to send you a personal rejection letter. They're someone who deserves to have an opinion.

For a start, even if you think everything they have said is a bunch of gubbins, please don't rip them into teeny tiny shreds with your bare teeth. They were probably trying to be supportive and helpful. That's worth something. Be gracious and polite and thank them for their interest, even if you are completely, utterly, without a doubt, convinced that what you've written should not be changed.

Or...are you? Is there a niggle of doubt? Did you feel a little worried when you re-read that part yourself, but you didn't know how to fix it, so you just ignored it? Maybe a couple of different people have said the same thing now? Then it might be time to learn a really tough lesson.

The road to publication is lined with criticism. You need to learn to take it. Not just ignore it, but actually listen to it, pick it apart, figure out which bits have worth and which don't, and then use it to improve your work. It's painful but true that it might take another person blasting your favourite scene for you to realise that the scene isn't so great after all. Yes, sometimes you have to ignore everyone and do what you believe is right, but other times you need to take a step back and admit that you can do better. And then do it.

TIP NUMBER ONE: Don't give up. Never. Not ever. I mean it. I'll come to your house and kick your sorry backside, I swear to God I will.

Yeah. Like it says above. Maybe you've read the statistics that say you have something like a 3% chance of getting published or another depressing 'fact' like that. Well, those statistics can kiss my dog's furry face. You have a 100% of never getting published if you don't try.

I managed it.

You can too.

Thank you so much for coming Zoë! And get better soon! If you want to learn more about Zoë and her books, make sure you visit her at her website. And read her books too, because they are awesome.

And now I'm happy to announce a contest for two signed paperback copies of Zoë's books. One lucky winner will recieve a copy of The Swan Kingdom and one of Daughter of the Flames in UK paperback which, by the way, I actually like the cover art way more than the US editions. It's the cover art I used for this post in case you were wondering.
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Rules: The contest is open until September 30th, 2009. This contest is open internationally! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Rules about claiming prizes can be found here.


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The_Book_Queen said...

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Okay, I think I can post a coherent reply now.

I loved your advice Zoe--and it's completely true! I don't think many realize that even if you are a fantastic writer, it doesn't equal instant success, easy work, etc.

And even I'm guilty of 'borrowing' ideas when writing some of my stories. After reading this post, I look back at a story I've been working on for over two years, and there's not a lot of true originality in it. I've been told by my friends that it's good, great even, but as I read through it, I can't help but notice all the things that I took from a favorite author and twisted. It's made me realize that I really do need to leave all my favorite books behind when I write, and just write from the heart-- and the imagination! :D

Thanks for the advice, it really helped, and it was funny too!

I can't wait to read your books, they both sound really good-- love the covers!

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elnice said...

This was a great post. I enjoyed your tell-it-like-it-is approach and I have taken your points into consideration. Not that I am typing away at a novel, but hey, you never know.

Please enter me too,

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I enjoyed reading about your advice for writers. It was interesting even though I am a reader and not a writer.


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Zoe said...

Thanks for your kindness everyone - I had a blast writing the post (is it bad when you give yourself the giggles?) so I'm glad that other people liked it too.

And now...back to work on book#3...

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A lovely author with helpful advice, to boot! Thanks for posting this!

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The UK covers are quite cool! I bet the books are wonderful also.

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Shawna said...

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Ashley said...

I loved this post! She gave great advice to all of us striving authors.

I really like when she said "True inspiration comes from within you, your own unique hopes, dreams and fears. Your soul." She really motivated me to keep writing even though I haven't ever gotten published!

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