Sunday, September 27, 2009

Author Interview: Cyn Balog

Today I'm happy to welcome Cyn Balog to the blog (okay, that sounded a little weird). Anyway, Cyn is the author of the newly released novel Fairy Tale. I'm sure you've heard of it if you hang around the YA blogosphere. She agreed to do a short interview for me, so here it is with my questions in bold.

Why write YA novels?

Because once you get past a certain age, everything is been-there, done that. YA is all about firsts. At that age, there are so many new experiences. I think maybe that is why I have a hard time writing a blog-- every day of MY life is the same old stuff. But when I was growing up, every day was some new tragedy or triumph. Infinitely more exciting. I think Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club said it best, that when you get older, part of your soul just dies.

It sounds like you’ve had a lot of jobs in your life. Did any of them have an influence on your life as a writer (beyond the fact that writing is more fun)?

Yes, seems like all the summer jobs I had as a teen always seem to be trying to make an appearance in my novels. The novel I am working on now is based in a bakery, and coincidentally, my first job ever was at a bakery. Strangely enough though, all the jobs I've had since graduating college haven't influenced my writing one bit-- they are part of an entirely different world, an excruciatingly boring one with lots of cubicles.

Cubicles are definitely boring. If your life was a TV series, what would the theme song be? And would it be a comedy or drama?

It would probably sound a whole lot like Seinfeld. It would be a show about nothing. But it wouldn't be as funny, therefore it would get horrible ratings and be cancelled after the first episode.

Any new projects you’re working on?

Yes, SLEEPLESS, about a sandman who falls in love with a mortal girl whose sleep he controls, comes out in July of 2010. I'm also working on another paranormal, which is the one set at a bakery... which is all about how perception is everything.

Yum, bakery. Can't wait to hear more. What is the one question no one ever asks you but you wish they would? And the answer too!

Can you roll your tongue? Why, no, I can't. I also can not roll my R's, which is why I hated Spanish class. And I can not roller skate either. I am not a very good roller in general. Thanks for asking.

Yeah, I don't do rolled R's or roller skating either. Thanks for stopping by!

If you'd like to learn more about Cyn Balog, you can visit her at her website where she has all sorts of neat stuff. Example: I found out that her favorite princess is also Sleeping Beauty! Oh, and check out her book too. :)


RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for the wonderful interview with Cyn Balog & thanks to Cyn for sharing.
I am definitely going to buy FAIRY TALE now because of this interview.
And I'm Following Cyn on Twitter too.
All the best,

elnice said...

Great interview. I love the cover of Fairytale, adding it to my list!

celi.a said...

Ha! Fun question about the rolling (of R's, skates, and tongues). I've got a copy of Fairy Tale that I won from Cyn herself tucked under my bed, and I feel SO guilty for not having read it yet...but there are SO many books under my bed... :) I may get to it ithis week. We'll see. Nice interview - it made me smile.

Jenny N. said...

Nice interview. I am also really liking all the black covers on books lately.

Katie said...

Great interview -- I can't wait for "Sleepless!"