Sunday, March 18, 2007

News: Site Stats and Searches

I was perusing my usual list of reading blogs when I came across this interesting post by Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy. Liz has put of a list of some the searches people use to get to her blog, and some of them are quite funny. It got me thinking, so I went and checked out some of my own site statistics. Hopefully these will entertain you as much as they did me:

Shabanu- I have gotten so many hits for this book since I posted this review.

shabanu summary- See above.

suzanne weyn interviews- Sorry, no interview for her, but I’d love to do one.

Theshadyglade- Apparently someone forgot the address of my blog. : -)

dramacon 2, summary- Well, a summary might be lacking, but you probably found my review.

confusing english- I don’t know if you were just looking for something in general, but you probably found the poem I posted about it.

young adult librarians- Not really sure where this came from. This would be my dream job, but unfortunately, I am not a YA librarian.

shady glade- Not sure if you were looking for my blog, or just a glade in general.

photography cut-off models head top fad- Yes! Someone looking for the Stop the Crop post!

cari gelber- You probably found both my review and my interview.

miss glade- This one stumps me.

ann rinaldi christian review world view- Ditto. Although I do read a lot of Ann Rinaldi books.

neverland, fairy, raini- This sounds like a Disney Fairies search, and it probably dumped you into my review for Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.

pictures of a shady glade- Obviously, I don’t think they found what they wanted here.

confusing english plural- This person sounds like they just needed grammar help, but they probably got the poem I mentioned earlier.

readers theater for fever 1793- Readers theater? That would be cool. Hope you find one.

shabanu daughter of the wind summary- Another Shabanu search. Maybe trying to avoid a book report?

quotes from shabanu- This is a good idea, I should have written down a quote or two before I returned it to the library. Oh well…

tinkerbell the fairy and her friends- Another Disney Fairies search.

shabanu is about- See above.

review american born chinese- Sounds like you got what you wanted in my review. I’ve been getting a lot of these hits to since this book won the Printz award.

shabanu chapters- See above.

countryside 1793 fever- Not sure if you were looking for the book, or historical information. Either way, it probably gave you my review.

This just constitutes the latest 100 searches people have used to come across this humble blog. As you can see, I’ve been getting a lot of searches for Shabanu and Fever 1793. The funny thing (which isn’t apparent here) is that a lot of people try to find things like chapter by chapter summaries. Obviously, someone doesn’t want to put the effort in to their own homework.

In other interesting new, this blog is only 5 page views away from 1000 since I started keeping track in October. Wahoo! Okay, so that really isn’t a lot, but it makes me happy. Any ideas to help get more readers would be wonderful. Or, if you have a blog and you’d like to have a link exchange, please let me know. In case you’ve forgotten the address, you can email me here.

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