Saturday, November 10, 2007

Need Something Proofread?

Attention all readers! I need your help!

For my editing class I have to put together a “Proofing Portfolio.” This means that I need 30 pages of edited text for this portfolio. My roommates have gotten sick of me asking them for stuff, so I need a new source (I can’t use my own writings).

If you need something proofread, please email me. I may be only a student, but you will get editing for free. Please note that proofreading usually means basic punctuation, capitalization, formatting, etc., but if you want additional editing, we can discuss that by email. My only requirement is that it has to be something I can print out and turn into my teacher. I won’t keep names on any work, this is entirely confidential!

Even if you don’t need something worked on, please, please, please, pass this message on to someone you know who might. I really need to get started on this, it’s due December 10th. I will do anything: email, web content, reports, Christmas letters, anything!

Take pity on a poor college student trying to maintain her GPA. Thank you!

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