Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Random Subject: YA Lit in College

So I’m taking this YA Lit class this semester at school. I’m really excited about it so far, although I have yet to attend a class so far. I’m not really sure what to expect, but I can tell you this: I need to find more time to read.

That’s right. Because this course doesn’t just require you to read the 9 books that are required. No, those are the books the WHOLE class reads. But individually we have to finish another 16 books of our choice (sorta) for the course of the semester. That’s only 13 weeks to read 25 books, not including all the homework I have for my other classes and the 6 books I also have to read for my Modern American Lit class either. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, can you tell?

I was hoping to have more time to work on this blog, but it looks like I might not have as much as a chance to do that as I thought. :-( I’m going to try really hard to keep up on this, but please understand if something happens.

The one good thing is that I’m sure I’ll have some interesting discussions about YA literature. The class looks like it’s mostly set up for Secondary English teachers (it’s required for that major) but I think it will have some more widely applicable stuff anyway. Perhaps if nothing else, I can use my class discussions/homework to spark a few random posts on this blog.
So what do you think? Care to hear my random YA lit thoughts? Guess we’ll just have to see what the next 13 weeks brings…


Erin said...

Oh, that sounds like a fun class! Which school are you going to again? (email me if you don't want to answer here)

Em said...

That does sound like fun and a LOT of work! Let us know if you need suggestions for shorter YA books. :)