Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virtual Swap Rules

Here are the rules for the new virtual swaps. If you are interested in participating in a travelling swap instead (or in addition to this one) you can find details at that post. To help keep things as uncluttered as possible, I'm posting the rules separately from the announcement post.

1. Participating in the swap requires a minor fee to cover return postage. US Residents = $5, Canada Residents = $7, Other International = $12. These are in US dollars. I will also randomly be awarding $5 Amazon gift cards and extra books to random swapping participants, so fees also help cover those costs. Fees will be paid via PayPal. If this is a problem for you, email me to work out other arrangements.

2. Members who want to sign up will need to provide an email address, a mailing address and how many rounds they want to participate in. The number of books equals the number of rounds so if you send 2 books to the swap, you get to participate in 2 rounds, 3 books, 3 rounds, etc.

3. Books MUST be in good condition (used is fine) and must be Young Adult or books with Young Adult appeal. ARCs are fine. If you have any questions about whether your books qualify, just ask.

4. Once you’ve signed up and paid your fee, send your books to the address I will give you. Once I get a good number of books I’ll post a list of all of those available and start the swap.

5. At the beginning of each round I will use a list randomizer to determine the picking order. I will email you when it’s your turn to pick. When it’s your turn, look at the list of books and choose one. Email me to let me know your choice, or if you choose to pass. You will have 72 hours from my email to choose something before you get skipped. If you are skipped you will get one more chance to choose right before the round is over.

6. After everyone has either picked or passed the round will end. Those still participating will be shuffled again and a new round will begin. If you’ve picked your books for every round you signed up for (i.e. for 2 rounds if you sent 2 books) I will package up your new books and send them to you.

7. Players can leave the swap early only after participating in two rounds. If you leave before two rounds are up, your sent books are forfeit. At the end of the current round I will pull any book(s) you have already chosen and/or books you originally sent and send them back to you. If the books you originally sent are no longer available you will be allowed to pick from an alternate list until you have the same number of books you signed up with (i.e. until swapped books + alternate picks/books still available = number of books you sent).

8. Every once in awhile I will randomly select a swapper to receive either an extra book or a $5 Amazon.com gift card. This means that some of you will receive extra prizes and some of you will not.

9. New members will be allowed to join the swap at the beginning of a new round. As soon as your fee and books have been received you will be worked into the shuffle at the beginning of the next round. You can then play like normal.

And that’s it! All square on the rules? If you’re interested, use this form to sign up now. Looking forward to swapping with you!

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