Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Please Excuse This Interruption For a Little Government Meddling

You may have heard about the new FTC regulations on blogger "advertising". And although I think what they're proposing is completely ridiculous (from what I understand of it) I am (grudgingly) trying to comply with the new rules. So this is my disclaimer. Consider yourself officially warned.

This blog absolutely does not make money. The exact opposite, if anything. I spend more money (mostly postage) than I bring in through my affiliate links.

I receive review copies from publishers. Some of them I review, some I give away, some I donate to schools. I also get books from the library, book trading websites, and of course buying them.

I am an Amazon Affiliate. This means that I get a very small percentage of the purchases of people who buy from Amazon.com using the links on my blog. Trust me, it's a small percentage. The last month I got paid for was 80 cents for the whole month. There may also be miscellaneous advertising/banners on the blog that I get a very small percentage of as well.

Okay, now you've been made aware. I'm a poor ex-student, I don't have any money, and so if you want to come after me, Mr. Government, you won't get anything because I. Don't. Have. Any. Money. Thanks to this crappy recession I can barely afford rent as it is. The rest of you can carry on now.


A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Haha! Very nicely put. I think most of us bloggers can agree that we spend more money on giveaways and shipping than we could ever possibly make!

Besides, I know most book bloggers are NOT in this for any money whatsoever. We're just nerdy over books :)

Briana said...

Ha. I totally agree. I have no money whatsoever. You said it nicely, and I think this whole FTC stuff is just weird. Many of us just do this because we love it! What is wrong with that. Like above, we are all a bunch of nerdy book lovers! :)


Miss Haley said...

hah! love it. (not the FTC regulations, your blog. awesome :D)

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Beautifully written!

Agree 100%!

I made a decent percent when someone purchased an Amazon Kindle DX through my link a few months ago! Rockin'!

But yeah, blogging isn't cheap so if we can make a few pennies here and there to compensate for shipping then good for us.

Alyssa F said...

Oooh, a Kindle. That must have been a nice check to cover postage. :-)

Reverie said...

AMEN! seriously though, we do this for as free as it gets and still stick through it because we LOVE BOOKS! And please PLEASE don't come after us b/c then many of us wont be able to do this and well... who'll promote literacy in America? It's a chain reaction you see? We can't promote books, Authors can't promotoe books, we can't recommend books, libraries will dwindle as well and well life will suck with no books. THE END!


Beth (BBRB) said...

Very well said! I completely agree!

Kate said...

I like this post. You tell the government!

Kirthi said...

You tell them! :)

Cute blog, and the FTC regulations are a bother. I laughed when I read the "80 cents" part and the last paragraph :D