Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review: The House Next Door

The House Next Door by Richie Tankersley Cusick

When Emma’s best friend Val needs a date for the big dance, Emma turns to her twin brother Charlie for help. He reluctantly agrees to take her friend, as long as Emma agrees to a dare. That dare turns out to be spending a night in the very creepy, abandoned mansion next to the twin’s house. Though Emma is terrified of the house, she agrees to the dare.

What Emma discovers in the house is way more than she bargained for. There’s a ghost that still lives in the mansion, and he’s been waiting for Emma. It isn’t long before Emma, Charlie and Val are all trying to unravel the secrets of the house and its history. A history which includes a secret love affair and a mysterious fire that ruined the mansion. As Emma digs deeper she realizes that they need to solve the mystery fast. History is about to repeat itself, and last time it didn’t have a happy ending.

If you’re looking for suspense, you’ve definitely found the right book. There’s something strangely alluring about the thought of love from beyond the grave. Although it’s fairly apparent what’s going on to the reader early on, the author still manages to pace the book just right to its conclusion. Once you hit the climax the tale is resolved fairly quickly, and I certainly didn’t see the ending coming. I thought the characters of the neighbors were a little unnecessary, but they don’t really slow the plot down at all. Not the best ghost story I’ve ever read, but it’s definitely worth picking up.

Shady Glade Rating: 8/10

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Anonymous said...

Ive never even heard of this book but it looks great - thanks for the recommendation!

-Aimee :)

Kate said...

This definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy. An abandoned masion? Wicked! Great review.

Jenny N. said...

The books sounds good with the mystery and the secret love affair.

Ellz said...

This does sound like it has a little bit of everything. Great review, this is one I will be watching for.

Unknown said...

As others mentioned, this review has me interested in this book. Nice. :-)

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I think I would enjoy this book, I've put it on my wishlist :)

Great review =D