Monday, November 30, 2009

Winner of November Comment Contest: Chosen

I'm closing the comment contest for November a little early, so any comments made after this post will get rolled over to next month's contest.There were 160 eligible entries this month and the random number generator has picked lucky number 139 as the winner. That means

Book Lady

is our winner with the winning comment on this Thanksgiving LOL. Congrats! You have one week to email me with your mailing address and claim your ARC of Chosen: A House of Night Novel.

For those who are interested, Book Lady (our winner) was the top commentor this month and earned 5 extra entries. The other top ten commenters with one extra entry each were throuthehaze, queen of entropy, Jenny N., celi.a, Ane ΡΌ, Sheryl, RKCharron, Jessica Kennedy, and Wrighty.

Congrats to those who made the top ten. Those in bold have made the top ten list two months in a row. Keep up the good work! For those of you who didn't win, there will be another comment contest coming up tomorrow with the prize YOU voted for, so keep your eye open for that. And keep those comments coming!


Jessica Kennedy said...

Congrats Book Lady!!! :)
I enjoy that series.

Woot on top commentor! :)

Jenny N. said...

Yay Congrats Book Lady!

brizmus said...

Congrats Book Lady! Yay for all the top commentators!

gapyeargirl123 said...

Well done book lady!

xxsquigglesxx said...


queen of entropy said...

Congratulations, Book Lady!

And yay to me for making it into the top comments list. I am so proud of myself! I am usually more of a lurker... but your little widget is awesome! (Yay for progress tracking!)

Sheere said...

Congrats Book Lady and wow the top! Enjoy your book :)

celi.a said...

Congrats and happy reading, Book Lady!