Saturday, February 24, 2007

Review: Kat & Mouse Vol. 1

Kat & Mouse Volume 1: Teacher Torture by Alex de Campi

Kat’s Dad has just gotten a job at a posh private school, so Kat and her family are moving to New England. Their new home seems too good to be true…which turns out to be the case when Kat’s new classmates dump her on the bottom of the social ladder because she’s smart. Kat’s willing to struggle through anyway, but soon as series of accidents threaten her dad’s job. When a blackmail notice shows up, Kat’s determined to find out who’s framing her dad. With her computer-savvy friend Mouse by her side, this duo is on the case!

Teacher Torture is the first book in the Kat and Mouse series and is a great introduction to the series. With art that is a little more realistic-looking than traditional manga, you can almost see yourself at Kat’s school. The book deals with issues today’s teens will be familiar with (such as school cliques) and also includes a mini science experiment in the back. A quick, fun, read perfect for readers age 10 and up.

Shady Glade Rating: 7/10

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Erin said...

This sounds really cute!