Friday, March 04, 2011

All I Want for My Birthday...

... is my two front teeth.  Sorry, couldn't resist.  :)

No, actually I want a Kindle.  Or any ereader really.  But I think I like the Kindle the most.  I went to Borders for the first time in a few months a couple days ago, and they had a nice shiny display of all their different ereaders.  No Kindle, but I was able ot play around with some of the ones they had.  And I got to play with a friend's Kindle last week too when we were at a party. 

I'll never give up paper books completely, but I recntly joined Netgalley and I have a hard time concentrating on the screen for so long.  I already work at the computer all day, so I think my eyes just want a break by the time I get around to my daily reading. 

Unfortunately, money's super tight right now, so an ereader that's normally around $140 is so not even close to being in the budget.  So although I would really like one, I don't expect one to show up on my birthday in a week. 

Oh well.  Someday maybe.  A girl can dream, right?


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Aww. Well if you're buying print books you're spending more money than you would if you bought it for the Kindle, in most cases anyway. So, if you can figure out your budget, just remember how much in savings you'll be doing when it comes to buying books for your Kindle. :)

Also, I too <3 NetGalley and cannot wait for the Kindle format to come back. They took it away a few months ago and I've been stuck to the computer screen. It's not terrible cause it's really the only way I can sneak a few pages in while I'm a work anyway. :)

Hope you have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

First off, have a great birthday!

But, as a current employee of a bookstore that sells e-readers (I can't tell you which), I'd highly recommend getting either a Kindle or a Nook. The ones that Borders sells are frequently returned because they are very buggy. I would especially advise against buying a Cruz. They may be cheaper, but it is really worth putting in an extra $30 or so for a product that will actually work.

M.A.D. said...

Happy Early Birthday, Alyssa!! I'm crossing my fingers and sending you birthday wishes that a new Kindle will show up wrapped with a beautiful red bow, along with a yummy 3 layer chocolate birthday cake ~ :D