Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Has Anyone Seen This?

So just like I occasionally go off on Disney tangents, I also occasionally leave the realm of books for one of my other favorite pastimes... musicals. 

I was browsing on Amazon the other day and noticed this: Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert.  Has anyone seen it?  What did you think? 

I'll admit, I haven't seen Les Miz yet.  I'm more of a Phantom of the Opera girl myself.  But my friend has been on me to watch the 10th Anniversary special for a long time, and I've heard that version is quite good.  So, has anyone seen the new one?  Is it better, worse, should I just see them both? 

It certainly has a description that pulls me in (from Amazon.com): "Experience the event of a lifetime with this spectacular 25th anniversary celebration of one of the most popular musicals ever written, Les Misérables. Honoring 25 years of this incredible show, this momentous film captures the excitement of two magnificent sold-out performances that were watched live around the world. With a phenomenal all-star cast, including pop star Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers), Tony® Award winner Lea Salonga (the voice of Disney’s Mulan and Princess Jasmine), and over 500 additional artists and musicians, revel in the songs of the unforgettable characters as they struggle for redemption and revolution."

And check out the trailer too:

Ummm... yeah.  WANT. 

Anyway, those of you who've seen it (if any) let me know what you thought in the comments below! 


titania86 said...

I'm also a Phantom girl, but I've seen Les Miz live at least 5 times. It's a great story with really good music. I haven't seen the 25th anniversary concert, but I can't wait for my sister to order it so I can. :)

Ailsa said...

Not sure if they're still there, but I'm pretty sure there are large chunks of this on youtube. I've watched a couple of my favourite songs from it on there before, anyway, and I loved it.

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I'm a Phantom girl too but I loved the 10th anniversary cast especially at the end: they brought out a ton of Valjeans to sing together! Certainly worth a watch.

Haiku Amy said...

I saw about 10 minutes of this. The song Bring Him Home, and even got to hear Nick Jonas sing. He is singing Marius. What I heard sounded good, and they had this cool part where all the spotlights go crazy around the stadium.