Saturday, September 30, 2006

HUGE Lemony Snicket October Giveaway!

And when I say huge, I mean it. You do not want to overlook this one folks! Over at YA Books Central, they’re having a huge promotion to celebrate the release of the 13th Series of Unfortuante Events book: The End.

They’re giving a new book away each day for the first 13 days of October. Day one will be book one, day two, book two, and so on until Friday, October 13th, when they will give away 13 copies of the 13th book!

Each day is a new contest, and a new question, so make sure you enter EVERY DAY! All the questions and the entry form can be found
here. Make sure you answer the right question on the right day, or you will get disqualified.

Good luck!


Erin said...


I am VERY excited about this one. :)

Alyssa F said...

It looks good. Obviously I can't enter because I'm staff, but I can help spread the word! Kim says that if we can get lots of entries, more publishers will be willing to do these in the future!