Monday, June 08, 2009

Contest Roundup: June 8

Welcome to another contest roundup! First off, here's a reminder to check the sidebar for contests that are still open. I won't mention them again here, but if it's still over there, click to see if you can still win!

Next, don't forget about my contests! There won't be a CM post this week because you still have one more week to enter and win a copy of Shiver. And and ARC of the The Sky Inside is also up for grabs as this month's comment contest. Any comment you make in June gets you closer to winning!

Now let's start with the new stuff.

For those of you who went to BEA (not me though... *sniff*) the big buzz was all about Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games. Well, you can win your own copy over at Linus's Blanket if you enter by June 22nd. Lenore is also giving away a copy with two other books from BEA so check that one out by June 17th.

If you hurry, you can enter to win a copy of Eyes Like Stars and a whole bunch of other stuff from the Beautiful Creatures Book Club. Open until June 12th, so hurry and enter.

Another BEA contest, this time for Fire, the prequel to Graceling (not to be confused with Catching Fire). Open until June 14th from Rebecca's Book blog.

If you haven't gotten a copy of Stephenie Meyer's The Host yet, you can win a copy from NotNessie of Today's Adventure. The contest is open until June 25th, when she'll be hosting The Host book tour.

I have to admit that The Clique is one of those series that I consider a guilty pleasure. I don't really get anything at all out of reading those books, but they are fun to read! If you like The Clique too, you can enter to win all 5 books in The Summer Collection at Readings of a Teenage Tree. Ends June 30th, and you can enter another contest while you're over there.

That's it for today's post, in lieu of Contest Monday. Don't forget to check the sidebar for still open contests!


Liyana said...

Hey Alyssa! You can check out my blog for erm, 7 Catching Fire contests. :D

Kate said...

Thanks for all the great links :)

Liyana said...

Hey Alyssa, here's a contest for the next contest roundup:

The Kickoff Summer Giveaway.
3 sets of 3 books.
Ends July 5

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for posting about these contests!