Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Contest: More Catching Fire Buzz

*EDIT* We have our four winners, meaning this contest is now closed. Thanks for playing!

In lieu of a contest roundup post, we're going to have a random contest! We're going to do this one "radio station style". Think of those "be the x caller and you win" contests you hear on the radio all the time.

In other words, the fifth person to send me an email after seeing this post will win their very own mini mockingjay button, and 3 extra entries into the Catching Fire contest (or this month's comment contest, if you prefer). The tenth person to email me will get 3 extra entries, the fifteenth person will get 2 entries, and the twentieth person will get 1 extra entry.

Rules: You MUST include "random contest" in your subject line, or your entry will not count! This winner is picked purely on luck and will be notified by email. I will update this post when all 20 entries are received, so you know it's too late to email. :-)

Questions? Just ask. Otherwise, good luck!


Kristen said...

Great random contest. I'm sad I didn't win, but I thought it was a fantabulous idea. :)

Alyssa F said...

Don't worry. There are going to lots more chances to win in the coming weeks!