Thursday, October 05, 2006

Contest: Lemony Snicket, The The Austere Academy

Have you entered YA Books Central's Lemony Snicket Giveaway today? Remember that entries do not carry over from day to day, so you have to answer a new question every day! Here's today's:

What do you think was the most unfortunate situation the siblings have ever gotten themselves into?
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Today's Prize: The Austere Academy


Erin said...

In your sidebar, you have a button that links to YABC that says "Good Books are like popcorn". I would like to put the button on my blog, but when I tried I couldn't make it so that when you click on it it will go to Do you think you could give me the HTML for it? :)

Alyssa F said...

Yeah. I got the link from YABC. Just go here:

Erin said...

Thank you!!!

Alyssa F said...

you're welcome!