Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blogoversary Challenge Roundup

Okay, I promise this should be the last roundup post (I think) for the blogoversary.  Here you will find links to all the Blogoversary challenges.  Each challenge you complete will earn you extra points for the 5th Blogoversary Giveaway Extravaganza.  If you haven't done so already, make sure you check out the details on how it will work at the contest post.  Otherwise, keep checking back with this post to see all the challenges you can complete for extra points.

Active Challenges:
Blogoversary Reading Challenges (+1 per book)
Submit A Review of an Overlooked Book (+1 per review, max 5 points)
Recreate a Book Cover (+15, possible bonus +5) Challenge (+3)
Share a Reading Memory (+5)
Book Titles In Other Words (+2 per entry, max 10 points)
Retell a Fairy Tale (+20, possible bonus +5)
Write a haiku poem about your favorite 2011 book (+3 per entry, max 9 points)
Join the Tamora Pierce Reading Challenge (+5, +2 bonus for spreading the word)
Nominate a book for the 2011 Cybils Awards (+1 per nomination, up to 10 points possible)

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